wireless mouse not working on windows

Working with a mouse can be challenging with the constant rise in faulty technology and wiring. Sometimes, even moving arrows with a mouse can be a chore when this tool decides to slow down and act sluggish. What’s even more frustrating is connecting your device to a wireless mouse. Technical and mobility issues are far greater with these and often, solutions are hard to find. In a lot of instances, users report that Windows doesn’t even detect their mouse. However, don’t let this disillusion you. Here’s how you can fix an erratic mouse.

Check If Your Computer Is Frozen  

There’s a good chance that your mouse is acting suspicious because your system has frozen. In fact, one of the first signs of a frozen computer is sluggish mouse activity. To confirm if this is true or not, make use of the num lock key. When you press this key, your keyboard’s num lock indicator LED will blink. You can determine if your system is frozen or not by monitoring this key. However, if the num lock key doesn’t blink, your computer is likely frozen. You can resolve this by restarting and refreshing your device. In most cases, this will resolve the core issue. Your mouse will also function normally.

Resolve Hardware Errors 

Have you installed any new hardware on your computer recently? If the answer is yes, that might be the problem your mouse is acting up. To enjoy Cox cable packages, resolve these issues immediately. When you install new hardware, it can change the computer’s settings and programs. This can slow down your system or make unexpected changes to it. Your mouse also suffers as a result. To resolve this, remove any new hardware or uninstall it temporarily. If your mouse functions normally again, you will know the hardware was the problem. To avoid this, download from reliable sources and don’t get anything pirated for your computer.

Connect Your Mouse Properly  

This sounds like a no-brainer but it’s surprising how often this is the cause of an erratic mouse. With a wireless mouse, it can be harder to track your mouse’s connection. But you can keep checking this but ensuring that it is receiving power. This is usually indicated by a light. Moreover, if your mouse isn’t turned on, change the batteries. Power switches on these devices are placed mostly on the backside. Also, place the wireless receiver within range. If it’s too far away, the mouse will not function properly. Also, avoid cluttering too many objects around it. This blocks signals from running smoothly.

Make Sure Your Mouse Driver Isn’t Outdated 

When working with a mouse, make sure a driver is installed for it. You can check this by searching the Device Manager. Even though Windows usually has a default driver for this specific purpose, it doesn’t always work. If you want your mouse to work smoothly, it’s best to install a driver for your particular mouse.

Check Your USB Driver 

USB drivers can cause a variety of problems if they’re outdated or faulty. When a USB port driver is outdated, the mouse’s functionality may also suffer. It can make it unreliable or slow it down. To fix this, make sure your USB port driver is updated and working. Moreover, corrupt port drivers can also cause similar issues with the mouse. You can remedy this by restoring Windows back to when the mouse was functional. Similarly, you could try reinstalling or uninstalling USB port drivers to make sure the USB driver works.

Change Your Mouse  

If nothing else works, your mouse might be the problem. It’s far easier to buy a new mouse than to fix an old one. Besides, it costs less too. The mouse may have in-built technical issues or you may have a low-quality mouse. If you connect several mice to your device, and they all work, the fault likely lies in your mouse. Here’s a list of the top-rated wireless mouse brands that work well with Windows:

  • Logitech M720 Triathlon   
  • Contour Unimouse ergonomic wireless mouse 
  • Jelly Comb MS003 Dual Mode mouse 
  • Logitech Ergo M575 Wireless Trackball Mouse 
  • VicTsing Mini Bluetooth Mouse 
  • VicTsing Vertical Ergonomic Wireless Mouse 
  • Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse 

If you’re a gamer, the following mouse is designed especially for you.

  • Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro
  • Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE
  • Corsair Katar Pro Wireless

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