Metal File Cabinets

Top Metal File Cabinets

A metal cabinet can be an excellent storage solution, providing premium security and safety while keeping items out of the way in an easy-to-find location. This can help you clear floor space and take control of your environment.

The best metal file cabinets are designed to offer easy organisation and categorisation and incorporate secure storage features that keep items safe from the risk of loss, theft, or damage. You ca. rely on simple, effective organisation at all times.

What metal file cabinets are the best on the market? Here are some of our top picks to get you started.

RS PRO Steel Floor Standing Storage Cabinet

This sturdy storage cabinet features a steel frame with fixed shelves, drawers, and dividers that are suitable for storing small to medium size components and fixings. Wall mountable and well-constructed, this storage cabinet is ideal for use on workbenches and is designed to keep items secure to avoid falls and breaks.

Bott 2 Door Floor Standing Cupboard

This Bott metal file cabinet featured robust steel and reinforced doors that offer adjustable height and galvanised steel shelves. With a durable finish and sheet steel construction, this storage solution is the perfect addition to any space, making it possible to keep items safe and secure no matter where you work and what risks exist in your environment

Facom Lockable Floor Standing Storage Cabinet

This tall metal file cabinet from Facom offers adjustable shelves and a slimline design that makes it suitable for various spaces and applications. Sturdy and reliable, this storage cabinet works as a locker system and provides excellent security control.

Facom 2 Door Lockable Floor Standing Storage Cabinet

The Facom two-door lockable floor-standing storage cabinet has two swinging doors with pin hinges for 110 degrees opening. Painted and well-designed, this file cabinet supports incredible space and storage versatility, keeping items secure and out of the way no matter your work environment.

Facom Lockable Floor Standing Storage Cabinet

With six drawers and three sets of partitions, this metal storage unit has an excellent finish and centralised keylock for extra security of items. This cabinet is built with a sturdy design that you can rely on to provide long-term storage safety in any workspace, making it suitable for various applications.

Facom Metal Storage Cabinet

This metal cabinet offers simple yet effective storage security. With a strong design and a natural colour, this cabinet allows storing various items, helping you develop effective organisational systems in your work environment, no matter what items you need to store.

Bott Storage Cabinet

This two-door storage cupboard bench is a functional system designed to optimise your space with durable storage solutions. Designed for easy cleaning and an attractive finish, this storage system allows you to make the most of your space while storing your items safely and securely.

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