Meta Title: My Cat Expels Out of Disposable Cat Boxes: How to Train?

Meta Description: Do your cat pee outside of the disposable cat boxes, and keep finding places to do her business? It could be due to the wrong setup. Click here to learn the entire post.


I try hard, but my cat never pee into the litter box. It keeps looking for new places to expel. How shall I keep my cat from choosing other places and train her to use only a disposable cat boxes?

This is the most common concern of many cat owners! We all know that cats have a tendency to expel urine outside of the litter box. This can be frustrating, especially if your cat always seems to choose the one place in your home where you don’t want them to go. 

No need to worry, there are many ways to train your cat and help them learn to use the litter box properly. This blog post will discuss how to train your cats and keep them from peeing all over your house.

Guide to Train your Cat Use Litter Box

It can be a challenge to train a cat to use a disposable litter box, but it can be done with training, patience, and perseverance. 

Step 1 – Make sure that the disposable litter box is the right size for your cat. It shouldn’t be too large or small, then your cat won’t be comfortable using it.

Step 2 – Fill the disposable litter box with the litter of your choice. Again, you’ll want to ensure that the litter is the right type for your cat. Some cats prefer clumping litter, while others prefer non-clumping litter. You may have to experiment to find the right type of litter for your cat.

Step 3 – Once the disposable litter box is filled with litter, you’ll need to show your cat where it is and encourage her to use it. This can be done by placing her in the box and scratching around in the litter to show her that this is where she should go. 

You may also want to place some of her favorite toys or treats in the box to entice her to use them.

How to Set up Your Cat Litter Box?

Most people place the litter box where there’s no odor and prevent cat litter from being tracked throughout the house. But, if you place the litter box basement next to cold cement floor, or creepy appliance, this might be not so pleasing for your pet. Here, you’ll need to compromise.

Keep a disposable cat litter box in a spot that could provide some privacy to your cat and is convenient to use. If the box is too hard to get inside, especially for a kitten or an older cat, they will avoid using it.

Also, avoid placing litter boxes in a noisy or heat-radiating appliance, like the washing machine or furnace. Cats get nervous with screaming voices, whereas heat from a dryer can magnify the litter box smell. This can also keep them away from the litter box.

Place it at least 20 feet away from food and water bowls and any other areas that your cat uses frequently. Place one on each level of the house so they have options if access is blocked (the basement door may be closed, or another animal specialist like yourself might’ve sneaked into their territory).

 If more than 1 feline friend lives with you, provide multiple locations for these sweet kitties. Experts recommend placing the boxes in several locations around the house, so they have access to more than one spot if needed; just make sure no cats can trap another inside by blocking both doors of an area where there are multiple hiding spots like closets or corners.

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