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Do you know that the packaging and labeling of food and cosmetic items are regulated under federal law acts in the US? If your response is negative, there is nothing to worry about it. As according to stats, almost 67% of people have no idea about it.

Therefore, I am here to guide you about the importance of lip gloss labels, their packaging, and the law under which it is controlled.

Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938 and the Lip Goss Labels:

To protect the masses from deceptive and fake advertisements and low-quality products, the federal government of the US introduced a law in 1938 known as the Federal law Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938. This is the act that regulates the advertisement printed on your lip gloss through clear lip gloss labels that you buy from a luxurious cosmetic store. Whatever printed labels say is according to the laid law and rules.

In addition, whether your lip gloss is manufactured in the US or even if it is imported, it must have to comply with the said rules mentioned in the FD&C Act. Otherwise, that product is not admissible in the country.

Fair Packaging and Labeling Act:

The second Act that defines the rules for labeling is the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. It ensures that the details on printable lip gloss labels that you read before purchasing your lip gloss are accurate and free from false and hazardous information. If there is anything printed on the labels contrary to the rules, the manufactured lip gloss will be considered a mal-product and will be banned.

Hence, you must know that all the information provided on the packaging or even labeling of lip gloss that you buy is according to the rules and is correct.

Lip Gloss Manufacturers Use Labels as Advertisement:

As the labeling of the lip product is according to law and authentic, therefore, it is a good tactic to use lip gloss name labels as an advertisement tool to boost the sale of the product. And this is not just a theory, almost, 76% of the manufacturers use custom-made lip gloss labels just to advertise their products.

As the regular customer knows what she wants to buy. But when a new customer lands in the markets, she has to do research and that is verified by just having an elaborative lip gloss label on the tube.

Therefore, labels used for lip gloss products must be created in a way that they can help the customers to find what they want. How can that be possible? Let me draft a list of mandatory information that must be in your lip gloss custom labels.

Things that must be part of Lip gloss Labeling:

Your lip gloss label must have the following heads of information to help your customer.

  • Ingredients used in the Lip gloss
  • Brand Description
  • Color Shade guide
  • The right type of Label
  • Right Size of Label
  • Brand Logo
  • A clear mention of Color


The ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of the product must be mentioned clearly on the lip gloss labels. At first, it is the requirement of federal law rules. Second, it will gain the confidence of the customer in your product as you clearly tell him that this is our core ingredient that makes it your favorite lip gloss.

Brand Description:

While ordering custom lip gloss labels, the company should take into consideration the brand description. As it is necessary to gain the attention of the customer to this product. Moreover, brand description is the guarantee of the brand to the customer.

Color Shade Guide:

A lip gloss label can have a color shade guide printed on it. This will help the customer to know about your color range of lip gloss and assist her to select the best ones.

The right type of label:

The selection of labels for the product is of crucial importance. Because every carrier of the lip gloss has a different type of label. For instance, if it is a tube, it will have lip gloss tube labels. If it is in a glass bottle, it will have a custom-made lip gloss label according to tot the bottle.

Furthermore, the type also comprises materials used in the labels. For example, whether it is vinyl lip gloss labels or matte lip gloss labels etc.

Right Size of Label:

The size of labels does matter! Yes, it is of major importance. Therefore, utilize the whole space on your product carrier whether it is a glass bottle, plastic tube, or any other. Your labels must cover it as a whole. It will give the impression of reliability and offers the customer to get more out of it while making the decision to buy it.

Brand Logo:

Your logo or brand must be added clearly on the lip gloss labels. As it is your identity and eventually, it becomes the identity of your customer.

Clear Mentioning of Color Shade:

One of the most important things is the mention of color on the label. As it is the first thing that any customer would like to look at. Even if it is from the basic colors, must mention it clearly.

Hence, as a customer, you must know about the labeling rules and laws that are mentioned above as eventually, it will help you to buy the product with confidence and trust.

On the other hand, as a seller, you must know what your customers need while purchasing the lip gloss and how can you help your customer by providing information on lip gloss labels.

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