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Explosion Box – How to Make One

Making an explosion box for your child’s birthday party is simple and fun. All you need is a printable template and some scissors. This template comes in three different styles: stick, liquid, and custom. Once printed, you can customize it to fit a special occasion. Once cut out, glue the pieces together using a liquid or stick glue. While the adhesive dries, you can use paper clips to keep the pieces together. If your child is especially interested in the explosion box, you can even print a template online.


You can customize every layer of a Custom explosion box to make it unique to the recipient. The lid and bottom layers of the box are foldable, so you can use design paper to highlight those areas. You can also add a matching sticker to complete the overall look. You can fill the box with a small, lightweight gift, folded event cards, gift vouchers, or other items. You can choose from various designs and colors to create a balanced look.

The boxes come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose a traditional box, a heart-shaped box, or a triangular box with pockets. If you’d like to celebrate a special occasion with a customized explosion box, you’ll find a large selection of styles and colors to choose from.

With the Custom Explosion Box, you can include up to six layers of photos and notes. You can even decorate the box with a message. You’ll find it the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or loved one. Whatever the occasion, a Customized explosion box is sure to make the recipient happy.


An explosion box is a perfect way to showcase cherished memories. A customized box makes the perfect gift and is a great option for a birthday, wedding, or anniversary. Listed below are three ideas for customizing your gift. Read on to discover what you can do to make your gift even more special. You can also add personal messages and photos to create a truly memorable gift.

First, print out a template that you like. Once you have it, cut the layers of the template. The template will contain four layers, a lid, and additional design elements. Choose a thicker cardstock for the box, as it will be more sturdy. You can then paint or color the box. You can even apply special glue to the outside of the box to add a decorative touch. 

Depending on the type of box you want to make, you can use any color or design to make it as unique as possible. For instance, you can use a photo that you want to show off to your recipient, or a photo that you want to keep hidden. Another great idea is to use a nested square die to cut photos down. Afterward, adhere the square-shaped card to the base, and it will be ready to fill with your favorite items!


An easy explosion box is a fantastic way to show your child how to create an explosive surprise! It can be decorated to suit the theme of any party or celebration! Here’s how to make one: First, choose a theme from one of the many template designs. Print out the template and cut the pieces according to the instructions. For the lid, you’ll need to score another line in the middle of the interior corner. This will create two triangles, one with a heart, and one with a star.

Then, print out the PDF file. You’ll need Adobe Reader to print it. Once you’ve printed the template, cut it out on card stock or patterned paper. If you’re making the lid, use heavy card stock or patterned paper.

You can now begin to assemble your Easy Explosion Box. First, you’ll need three pieces of cardstock. Each piece should be slightly bigger than the previous one. This will ensure that the sides will fit snugly. Then, use the template to cut the sides and the base to fit together. You can also use an art knife to make smooth, easy-fold lines. Once the pieces have been glued together, you can now assemble the box.

Printable template

The printable template for the explosion box allows you to design a box that will explode when the lid is lifted. The template is also great for weddings, birthdays, and thank you notes. You can also add a special message and decorate the box with pictures and mementos. A custom box can also be a wonderful gift container.

The base of the explosion box is simple to make, and the size can be varied as much as you want. The template contains three pieces of card, each slightly smaller than the next. These pieces fit inside each other snugly. Once you’ve printed out the template, you can cut out the pieces and arrange them to fit together. Make sure you use the most appropriate amount of paper and place them in order to maximize the space. Once the pieces are in place, you can glue them together.

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