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Vidmate is a Free Video Downloader For YouTube is an effective yet simple piece of software to safely save video and music from YouTube. It allows you to download the video as mp4 and web, and music as mp3 and m4a. The entire procedure is very quick and simple. 

All you have to do is simply copy a YouTube video URL, paste it into Free Video Downloader For YouTube, open the program and click on the Download button. You will then be given a choice of either saving the video at the same site you found the URL or sending it to your e-mails.


Vidmate 2014 is an application that can be used for downloading videos from any site. The Vidmate 2012 can download videos from youtube, Facebook, or any other website. Vidmate 2017 is not only a video downloader but it also has some great features like subtitle search an auto-play option. 

Vidmate 16 also provides different formats for the users to choose from 1080p, 720p, 480p, and much more. Users are allowed to save the downloaded video in their device storage and watch them anytime they want without an internet connection available. 

Vidmate 2015 user interface is very simple with beautiful colors which makes Vidmate apps 2012 very easy to use as well as understandable by anyone who wants to use this application. Download Link Is Below:

Vidmate Apk Download

Kinemaster pro

KineMaster Apk is the best video editor application for Android users. For those of you who like to draw attention to your videos and make them more attractive, then this is not an option for you. KineMaster Pro APK needs a variety of video editing tools that will help you in the creation of new interesting videos from old. Download Link Below:

Kinemaster Without Watermark Download

Free Video Downloader For YouTube

Free Video Downloader For YouTube works by using a proxy server to bypass the limits that YouTube has put upon streaming websites. It uses a special connection that is designed to pass through many blocks and other restrictions placed by YouTube. In most cases, the application is able to successfully bypass these hindrances and make it to the website.

 On occasions where the application fails to bypass the website, you may need to reload the page to see the changes. To prevent this from happening, you should purchase an inexpensive $1.00 patch available at the product’s website.

Batch Downloading

Batch Downloading: Free Video Downloader For YouTube allows you to make unlimited plays of YouTube videos. You can select to view one video at a time or to watch them all at once. 

This feature is available in both Windows and Mac systems. To use the batch downloading feature, you must sign up at the YouTube website and download the free video downloads for YouTube software.

High-Quality Options

High-Quality Options: When comparing the free video downloads for YouTube programs side-by-side, there are numerous similarities. The main difference that you will notice is that there are fewer quality options in the paid versions. Quality options are often sparse on the lower-priced programs.

 Even the program that offers the highest quality options for download videos has limited options when comparing quality on both computers. You will typically only be able to choose from a few quality options during registration.

No Restrictions

No Restrictions: Like live satellite TV, the free download video for YouTube also offers no video restrictions. This includes the ability to view video while on the internet, listening to the audio, and playing video during download. There are no time limitations either. 

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You can even watch the video on your computer and listen to the audio on the built-in speaker if it is available. All three options allow you to access the video at any time that you wish.

Mobile Format

Conveniently Convert To Mobile Format: YouTube offers mobile video downloads as well on their free plan. However, this feature tends to be quite hit or miss. You are generally only able to convert one video file at a time. Additional files can still be converted as soon as you finish loading the last one. 

However, if there is an emergency situation where you need your video to be uploaded immediately, converting to mobile format is convenient. This is certainly better than waiting several hours to upload a new video on your cell phone.

Unlimited Video Downloads

Unlimited Video Downloads: If you don’t have an unlimited video downloading plan with your cellular service provider, you may want to consider getting an unlimited snap download instead. This is especially helpful if you frequently download videos and do not want to limit your viewing to a single site. 

It also helps if you only use one cellular service provider because it eliminates the need to use another application and deal with two different systems. Mobile websites tend to load faster and they are more efficient. You will be able to view videos on the go, which can be a huge time saver.

Batch Download Using a Video Downloader

Batch Download: Using a video downloader for YouTube makes sense when you consider the number of video files that you may be uploading to your website on a regular basis. 

When you try to download multiple videos, you are taking up a lot of space on your cellular device and using up valuable data. Even though YouTube does offer a free program to convert videos into various other formats, it is still best to utilize a batch download service. By converting your videos to different formats, you can reduce the amount of bandwidth you are using. 

This will save you money on your monthly cellular bill and you will have fewer worries about running out of data during a busy day. There are other benefits to batch downloads as well; see how YouTube can help you save bandwidth and money.

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