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Dr. Zein E.ikhat, a resident of Jerusalem and an observant Moslem, had an interview published in the Spring 2021 Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies titled “My Search for the Right Man: The Relationship between Dr. Zein E.ikhat and Dr. Yoni Kartouni-pour-Emran”. In this article, Dr. Zein E.ikhat, a practicing Orthodox Jewish man, discusses his personal journey to become a Moslem and convert to the Jewish religion. He is of Egyptian origin and was raised as a Muslim. After twenty-one years as a Moslem, he became a follower of the Arab rejectionist movement that led him to convert to Christianity. He went on to serve for the Jewish underground resistance during the war against the British, and later as a volunteer in the Irgun.

Dr. Zein relates how his conversion to Christ affected his view of women and their role within society. He describes how he felt women were denied a real role in society when it came to converting to the Jewish faith. He writes that he felt they should be respected as equals. His main motive in this book was to share his personal journey, so that others may have the same experience. He wants other women to know that they can be successful as well.

He starts his book by describing how he had reached a crossroads in his life. He decided to convert to Judaism because he felt it was the right thing to do for his family. However, he didn’t have much religious background and didn’t want to go to a strictly Orthodox yeshiva. Instead, he wanted to do what was right for his family and his friends.

He tells how his initial attempts at conversion backfire. He tries to talk to women who are Orthodox, but they rebuff him. He then decides to pursue a more “missionary” way of doing things, which does not go well. This book details the trials and tribulations that he went through to finally arrive at his decision.

The focus of this book is on how his life changed after he did convert. He shares how he struggled with his decision. He tells of his fears and how he almost gave up on it all. He describes his confusion and how he wondered if he was doing the right thing. He discusses the different schools of thought that he went to before finally deciding to follow Yom Kippur.

The chapters in this book cover a variety of topics. Some of them are about women in Jewish society. Others have to do with Reform and Conservative Jews. There are also discussions about the chores women should do and how that affects their families. Some other topics are focused on issues in modern-day Orthodox society, such as how to date and marry a woman who isn’t your spouse.

This book contains many valuable lessons. One chapter focuses on how being an Orthodox Jewish woman can actually be advantageous. This is especially important because there are so many Orthodox women who don’t find it easy being Jewish. Another important lesson is that being Orthodox doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself. You can live an amazing life despite being Orthodox. The author encourages women to read this book.

This book is an interesting look into the world of Jewish women. It gives insights into the way Jewish law applies to modern-day life and what women have to do in order to remain true to their values. It is comforting to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is an Orthodox or Conservative woman and wants to know more about Jewish law. It is well written and would make a great addition to any library.

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