Every year, the number of cybercrimes is increasing and cybercriminals are becoming smarter. According to an FBI Internet Crime Report in 2021, there has been a 7% increase in cybercrimes reported by the public. Therefore, it is best to make the right efforts to secure your company data.  

Setting up the protocols for data security is crucial to avoiding company data theft. When things don’t work the way you want with data cybersecurity, there is no helpline to contact as you have with an internet provider like Cox customer service number. This is why it is best to take suitable measures for company data security beforehand.  

In this article, you can see different methods for ensuring company data security in 2022. 

Updating Your Devices 

When your devices like laptops and PCs update, they install the latest security updates. These updates could be of your machine’s whole operating systems or different software applications. But the key here is to have the latest version of your software so your device is less likely to get hacked.  

Among other software, make sure your antiviruses have the latest updates to your device and the company data in it is secure from viruses and threats.  

In case your device does not download new software updates, it is better to report the issue to your IT support.  

Password Protect Everything  

You may think that setting different passwords everywhere and remembering them is a nuisance. But setting different login keys is excellent when it comes to your online safety. Always make complex passwords with a mix of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. Also, make them eight characters or longer. 

In addition to such difficult login credentials, it is also advisable to use two-factor authentication. You can set up email, call, or message verification on your different accounts. Such two-step authentications are excellent for securing your email accounts and other sensitive sign-ins.  

Securing Devices  

You can update software and set strong passwords on your sign-ins, but what if your device falls into the hands of a cybercriminal? There are some measures you can take to protect your devices even when they are stolen.  

The first thing you can do is to provide all employees with the company’s devices. On all these devices, you can block USB connectivity. In addition, you can lock the storage of these machines with passwords. Further, you can also set for accessing the operating system. In addition, you can set up automatic device sign-outs in case of inactivity on the device.  

For security from malware, you may ask your IT support to limit access to websites and put other such restrictions. By keeping your devices updated, securing them with passwords, and disabling outer connections, you may keep your company data safe from theft.   

Training Your Staff in Cybersecurity  

For better company data safety, it is advisable to run a basic training program among your employees. In this program, you can show them how to protect themselves from phishing emails. You can demonstrate what type of phishing emails they may receive to help them identify suspicious emails. Also, how they can use the security features of their devices to keep the data from falling into the wrong hands. 

You can teach them how to use different safety applications for better security. For example, you can show them how you can turn on firewalls. You may also include the training on how to use different types of antispam folders. And most importantly, you can set a procedure for reporting problems to IT support that lead to serious issues.  

To take a step further, you can set the frequency of such exercises. Also, give the same instructions to new hires. With this basic training regiment, your staff will know when something is not right and can cause a data breach.  

Create company data Backup on Cloud 

Creating a backup of your data on the Cloud is one of the best ways to keep your data safe. A cloud lets you save your data and manage all the data safety measures from the cloud’s end. Then you can share the segments of that company data with your employees related to that segment. In this way, you can limit who can view your files and sensitive company data.  


Data security for any business is very important. You can safeguard your company data by updating your devices, securing device data, protecting everything with passwords, training your staff, and making data backups on the cloud.  

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