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Social media is the biggest invention, there’s no denying that. It has come a long way since the days of simple status updates and messaging. Social media in 2022 is a powerful marketing tool. It is a platform that influences opinions and promotes digital interactions. 

While the pandemic defined pretty much everything in the past two years, 2022 seems to be different. People are relying on interactive technologies to learn about almost everything, from shopping for products and services to finding those services via Spectrum internet coverage map. That said, here are three media trends to look forward to in 2022: 

Social Commerce Will Gain More Traction 

To avoid any confusion, social commerce is not e-commerce. Rather, it is a subset of eCommerce. It involves the use of interactive platforms to promote and sell products and services. In social commerce, every activity takes place on media. It can be as simple as ordering a pair of shoes from an online merchant on Facebook. 

Social commerce will become more streamlined in 2022. People are using social media for shopping now more than ever. This buying habit will likely become a norm in a few years. The increasing use of mobile phones means that few people would opt for in-store shopping. Perhaps the best thing about media shopping is that it offers multiple options. 

People can browse products, give customized orders, and check out within a matter of minutes. Social commerce has given buyers the power they didn’t know they had. Nowadays, retailers have to create products according to consumer aspirations. Almost every social networking site is testing or has already tested online stores to connect buyers and sellers.

Creator Economy Will Flourish 

YouTube was the first major platform to give a platform to content creators to showcase their skills. That was more than a decade ago. Now, we have multiple platforms providing content creation tools to millions of users around the world. Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are investing heavily in content creation tools. 

Creators, on the other hand, use these tools to connect with their audiences and brands. Content creation tools go hand in hand with social commerce. These tools are crucial to the growth of businesses and content creators alike. Businesses need these tools to market their products and services. Content creators use these tools to increase their outreach. 

The creator economy is worth billions. This is an extraordinary achievement in itself. As more content creators join social media, the creator economy receives a massive boost. TikTok, which is the youngest media platform, has a flourishing creator economy. Many people have found success on the platform. 

Diversity and Accountability Will Become Part of CSR 

Social media doesn’t toe the lines of racism, bullying, and bigoted views. In fact, social media sites are the first to take action against hate messages. And it’s not just individuals who are speaking up against extremism and other forms of hate. Brands are also using their platforms to promote inclusivity and diversity. The power of the internet has no limitations. 

Many people have used and are using social media to raise important issues such as gender discrimination and accountability. Even if people think they have somehow escaped their misdoings, the internet doesn’t forget. It doesn’t forgive either. It was social media that brought down Harvey Weinstein

The increasing use of social media to highlight diversity and accountability is a good thing. It should, however, not just be a social media trend per se. Brands no longer associate themselves with people that have notorious reputations. They know that such associations are too risky in this age of the internet. 

Moving Forward 

Social media is arguably the most powerful tool in this age of digital growth and development. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have given voice to the voiceless. TikTok has become the go-to for content creators and influencers. Social media can bring entire companies to their knees. It is safe to say that social media users have perhaps the most powerful technology in their hands. 

However, it all comes down to the preferences of the user. Where social media has given awareness, it has also provided a safe space for cyberbullies. Social media trends will continue to dominate in 2022. There’s no arguing that. The ultimate responsibility lies in us, the users, to use these interactive technologies for the betterment of others.

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